How to commission

If you’re interested in commissioning a visual artist, craftsperson or designer, use the ‘accepts commissions’ filter so you can easily find those who do! They are also easily identified by the red ‘commissions’ flag just like this one.

Some Creative Spaces and Supporters accept commissions too! 

To commission someone, select the commission option on their profile, and provide a brief by filling in the form that pops up.  Not all makers can be contacted directly; some handle commissions through their gallery, manager or stockist and some have nominated Guildhouse to assist them with the commissioning process.  When you submit the form your brief will be emailed to the relevant party and you can expect to hear form them within seven days. Guildhouse can liaise with the client to develop the brief and manage the inquiry. If you have any general queries about the commissioning process or are unsure about your requirements, please see the Guildhouse referral option. There is no charge involved in making an enquiry.  

How to create a brief 

Your brief must include as much information as possible and should always begin with the big question: What do I want?

Be sure to think about context, purpose, dimensions, materials, finishes, budget and deadline and then simply enter this information into the fields provided. Once you submit your brief, which will go either directly to the creative professional, their gallery/agent or Guildhouse, the relevant party will contact you to confirm the details. Should you wish to proceed, your requirements will be confirmed and the formal commissioning process will begin.