Art of Lisa King, 2016, Makers Who Inspire, Film courtesy of Those Creatives

Lisa King

Drawing, Illustration, Painting, Public Art, Wall work

Self-taught artist Lisa King began her professional career as a graphic designer but moved into painting in 2012 in search of more freedom of expression. She works in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, charcoal and digital, producing work ranging from illustration to portraiture to large-scale murals.

More recently she has become known for her street art works across the Adelaide CBD and suburbs. King created the now iconic 1980s inspired mural transforming the front of Adelaide’s renowned live music venue Jive. In 2016 she painted a portrait of David Bowie at The Maid Hotel and in 2017 has been working on a large-scale project 'Walls of Wonderment'. In 2015 she worked with James Dean developing her skills with oil paint as part of Guildhouse’s One On One mentorship program.

King is inspired by fashion photography, traditional painting techniques, the Renaissance, indie culture and street art, and is always hungry for opportunities to learn new skills and develop her practice.


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Lisaking babygrace
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Lisaking crystalgaze
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Lisa King Studio | Central Studios

Lisa King Studio | Central Studios

78 King William Street
Kent Town 5067
South Australia Australia
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Opening hours
Open by appointment


Solo Exhibitions

2016, Riot of Orchids, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2017, Bitter Sweet, Karen Gallery, Gold Coast, Qld
2016, Bowie, Urban Cow, Adelaide
2016, One on One, Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
2015, Paperback Rider, The Mill, Adelaide
2015, Lost at Eminor X microsoft, aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney
2015, Wes Anderson, Sugar Nightclub, Adelaide
2014, Zero Boutique, Adelaide
2014, Loreto SpringArt, Loreto College, Adelaide


2016, Finalist, Best Street Art, City Awards, Adelaide
2015, International Cover artist, Urban Walkabout, Sydney
2014, Finalist, Emma Hack Art Award, Adelaide Convention Centre

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Lisa King's new mural in Norwood

Lisa King | Wall to Wall Festival

20 Feb 2018

Lisa King will be taking part in this year's Wall to Wall festival in the small township of Benalla, north-east of Victoria. Now in its fourth year, the festival will bring together a dynamic combination of local, national and international artists.

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Lisaking riotoforchids

Limited print from the 'Riot of Orchids' series.

Lisa King | Aura Objects

11 May 2017

Lisa King has recently announced that Aura Objects is now the one and only official distributor of her digital works world wide. She said on Instagram recently, "If you have not been into the show room then you are truly missing out. So many great designers plus the ever fresh / I have 4 new works on the go - which be stocked with the riot of orchids series soon." Aura Objects are at 99 Magill Rd, Stepney.

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Lisa King In Fritz Magazine

20 Apr 2017

Lisa King continues to create eye-catching street art with her 'Walls Of Wonderment' project and also as a featured artist in 'Wonderwalls' in Port Adelaide. Read about her current work in Fritz Magazine.

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The Adelaide Review | Artist Focus

10 Feb 2017

Featured in the February 2017 edition of The Adelaide Review. Read the full article on the link below.

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Walls Of Wonderment | First Wall

18 Jan 2017

Lisa King's first wall for the 'Walls of Wonderment' street art project is underway at 19 Park Terrace, Bowden. The 26 metre tall portrait will be situated on the side of The Bowery Apartments along with sharing the carpark space of Bowden Information centre (Life More Interesting) & Jarmers Kitchen. The wall will be finished late January 2017.

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Lisa King | Pozible Success

01 Nov 2016

Congratulations to Lisa King with the success of her Pozible campaign in order to raise money for an Independent Mural Project which will be a series of large scale Street Art created over the course of approx 12-18 months in Adelaide, South Australia. The project exceeded its target of $15,000 with the campaign hitting the streets over the coming months. Stay tuned.

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Dazzling David Bowie Mural

08 Aug 2016

Lisa King's David Bowie mural at The Maid is one of SA's must see works of street art in South Australian Traveller. This startling large-scale work was commissioned as part of the 2016 Adelaide Fringe’s Street Art Explosion. See the mural at The Maid hotel carpark (Magill Rd, Stepney).

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