Well Made Wearables | Gift Guide

Well Made is proud to be a platform showcasing exceptional South Australian creatives. If you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, there’s no need to stress. We have plenty of ideas for beautifully crafted, unique wearables that are sure to be a hit with whoever receives them. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but you’ll also be supporting an incredible local artist. Sounds pretty great to us.

Dana Kinter is a multitalented artist and designer best known for her distinctive drawing style. Using a natural palette, she explores the world of native Australian flora and fauna using a variety of different mediums. If you’ve ever wanted to wear her work, you’re in luck. Choose from a silk scarf or even a unique clutch: variations of both are available on her online store.


Catherine Buddle has come a long way since her early work as a laboratory assistant and scientific illustrator, but her focus on detail and fascination with life cycles perseveres. Her pieces challenge the conventions of traditional jewellery. She uses thread to create sculptures that also double as wearable art. An average of 30 hours goes into each of her pieces, which are loosely planned but mostly driven by instinct. Pick up one of her brooches at JamFactory or Zu Design.     

Kath Inglis’ work is a tactile adventure, exploring rich jewel tones with the unlikely material of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Her pieces look deceptively delicate but are both hardy and malleable to the touch. You can buy one of her intricately carved bangles or lavish necklaces online or at one of her many stockists around Adelaide.  

Jane Bowden, jeweller and owner of Zu design, is known for her intricate bespoke pieces as well as exhibition work. Her work is on display at Bilk in Canberra as part of an exhibition called Ring Master from 18th November to 24th December 2017. You don’t have to venture that far to find her work, though. Visit Zu design in the Gays Arcade Balcony off Adelaide Arcade to experience her stunning craftsmanship for yourself.

Christian Hall’s wearable work is a perfectly balanced contradiction: simple yet complex. His classically designed jewellery is elegant in form, drawing on block colours and clean lines. The closer you look, though, the more you are surprised by small details. His series of stainless steel earrings are a clear standout. Motionless they are already sublime, but they ripple gracefully as their wearer moves around. The geometric patterns suddenly appear soft and flexible. In fact, stand at a slightly different angle from much of his work and it’s almost as if you’re looking at a completely different piece.

Hall’s jewellery is perfect for anyone who has a soft spot for old school, vintage aesthetics with a modern twist. Gift it to that friend with impeccable taste who is usually impossible to buy for, or yourself. We’re certainly leaning towards the latter.

Image (banner): Jess Dare, Waning Marigold Pendants, 2016, Power coated brass, silk cord, sterling silver. Photographer Grant Hancock. Images (top to bottom): Dana Kinter, Stars Scarf – Silvereye and Protea, Silk charmeuse, Image courtesy of the artist; Dana Kinter and Kitty Came Home, Bifold Clutch Purse – Stars 1, 2017, Digital print on Belgian linen, polyvinyl chloride, felt, Image courtesy of the artist; Catherine Buddle, Chrysalis V Brooch, 2016, Hand-crotchet silk and silver passementerie thread c1890-1900, antique foil sequins, rare earth magnet findings, Photographer Grant Hancock; Catherine Buddle, Chrysalis IV Brooch, 2016, hand-crotchet silver mi-fin thread, glass beads, rare earth magnet findings, Photographer Grant Hancock; Kath Inglis, Working Impressions, 2016, 2 heat fused layers of coloured, cut and carved PVC, sterling silver stitching and patina, Image courtesy of artist; Kath Inglis, Doily Cuff, 2014, 2 layers of heat fused, coloured, cut and carved PVC and sterling silver, Photographer Craig Arnold; Jane Bowden, Wrapped Ring Series, Titanium wrapped in niobium with garnets, Image courtesy of artist; Christian Hall, Moire 45 Earrings, 2017, Powder coated stainless steel, stainless steel, Image courtesy of the artist; Christian Hall, Moire Stadium Earring, 2017, Stainless steel and powder coat, Photographer Tom Roschi