Logan Mural | A Well Made Commission

Date: 27 Feb 2017
Profile: Vans The Omega
Category: Commissions

In this age of digital and social media marketing, it's refreshing to see a large company such as Twentieth Century Fox commission an artist to paint a mural. Utilising Well Made's Commissioning platform, Twentieth Century Fox got in touch to secure an artist for their Logan mural campaign.

To coincide with the launch of Logan, the latest film in the Wolverine franchise, street artists have been commissioned across Australia to interpret the haunting image of the lone Logan in a desert landscape. Well Made and Twentieth Century Fox were fortunate that Vans the Omega was able to fit this mural in to his busy schedule. One of Australia's most in-demand street artists, Vans the Omega has been creating and painting letterforms for over two decades, which has seen him, travel around the globe consistently since 2000. Most of his influences have come from ancient scripts, architecture, engineering, nature and the idea of movement or balance.

Vans is constantly busy but this was a new type of commision for him:

"I've done a number of professional commissions over many years and for various companies but this is my first block buster movie. I'm a Wolverine fan and think Hugh Jackman is such a great guy and Australian ambassador so was very keen to work with Twentieth Century Fox on this project."

His approach was to take the brief from Twentieth Century Fox and to embellish it with his own style:

"Taking the basis of photo realism and then bending and folding in the geometric and more stylised line work you would find in comic books was my approach on this painting. I've given it my signature look while really holding the value of the original picture. Through graphic line you can create so much movement and the mix just works in this case."

Being a part of the Well Made community exposes Vans the Omega to new audiences and potential new commissions:

"Exposure is a key element in finding an audience in today's society and well as forming links to a body of work. Well Made has been able to do both of these to get this project over the line."

See the Logan mural at 26 Vardon Place, Adelaide which will remain throughout the film's season March/April 2017.


All images: Vans The Omega, Logan, 2017, Private Commission, Photographer Wade Whitington.