Sarah Rothe Inspires For Valentine’s Day

Date: 20 Jan 2017
Category: Commissions

The commissioning of jewellery is a very personalised and unique collaboration. In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, jeweller Sarah Rothe shares a heart warming story of a very special ring commissioned from the UK. 

Sarah was contacted by Joe (her father’s stepson), who was looking to find a unique wedding ring for his fiancée Erica.

"I want the ring to contrast Erica’s engagement ring…a manufactured one made out of silver with a big ruby, so I'd like the wedding ring to be silver too but much more organic looking and hopefully with some precious blue stones in too.”


Joe asked Sarah to “…imagine a band that is very natural looking that evokes the sea somewhat with rough blue chips in it.”

Joe and his partner Erica sail yachts and Sarah liked the idea of a ring to signify their connection to the sea. Using a combination of water casting and sandcasting to achieve some of the more organic shapes and textures within the ring, Sarah worked with the connection to the water and ocean that they both have.

She included three small Australian blue sapphires, which also made the connection to Australia (where Joe is from) and added in some gold granulation. The colours in the ring were completely accidental.

Sarah had aimed for a black/gold/and silver combination, however through the oxidising processes, the colours of blue and purple started to appear and Sarah stopped the process mid way because of the stunning colours that were coming through.

Sarah’s father and Joe’s mother Sally went over for the wedding and were able to take the ring together with matching earrings made by Sarah as a wedding gift for Erica.

Joe loved the ring and said it was even better then he imagined! It was commissioned and made without Erica's input. It was a complete surprise. 

"Sarah made the most beautiful custom wedding ring I've ever seen for my wife. She took my jumbled ideas and made them into a fantastic reality. Needless to say my fiancée (now wife) was very pleased!"

In a lovely conclusion to this story, Sarah’s father then proposed to Sally on a Viking long boat in Denmark after Joe's wedding celebrations, while they were all on a short holiday together. 

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Banner image: Joe and Erica's wedding ring, image courtesy of Sarah Rothe. Images top to bottom: Engagement ring, image courtesy of Joe and Erica; Wedding Ring by Sarah Rothe, image courtesy of Sarah Rothe; Earrings by Sarah Rothe, image courtesy of Sarah Rothe.